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Welcome to Global Advisory Network

The Global Advisory Network, Inc. (GAN) is a unique consulting firm. Established by experienced certified public accountants and attorneys, GAN offers to you consulting and compliance services in all areas relating to international relocations.

The concept behind GAN is to bring together a network of the three areas of expertise necessary to successful international relocations: Immigration, Taxation and Relocation Services. GAN is uniquely situated to offer these services as a package, giving you the convenience of having to deal with only one contact when coordinating all facets of the international relocation.

Browse through our website to read about the many ways in which we can assist you or your company's relocating employees. Whether it is structuring inbound or outbound assignments, managing internal payroll mechanics, preparing employee income tax returns or corporate tax equalization computations, obtaining appropriate work visas or managing the movement of an employee's household internationally, we are prepared to assist. Our fee structure is designed to work for your company regardless of size: whether you move less than five or more than 100 employees annually, we stand ready to customize our fees to meet your needs.

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