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In today's global marketplace, worldwide movement of employees has become commonplace and even essential to meet the demands of the international market. To accomplish the task with success, there must be not only a high level of technical knowledge, but careful coordination and timing. The most effective form of control comes from having one person or department in charge of all aspects of the process: Immigration, Relocation and Taxation. However, it is not realistic to assume a company has the staff trained to handle everything.

Global Advisory Network, Inc. (GAN) was founded on the belief that a network of professional service providers in all of these areas should be able to come together to make the task of worldwide employee movement cohesive and cost-effective. Our founding core team has over 60 years of experience in Big Five accounting firms and an overall total of nearly 100 years of experience between them. Our client base ranges in size from individuals to employees of international conglomerates such as Apple Computer, PeopleSoft, Safeway, Cisco Systems, and Sony. Although we are located in the Silicon Valley area, our firm services clients worldwide and in a wide range of industries.

Our goal as a firm is to focus on highly personalized, technically outstanding service at reasonable prices. We are uniquely able to advise companies or individuals on all economic or accounting ramifications of worldwide movement. We are experienced in dealing with your company's Auditors, in-house and outside Accountants, Legal Advisors or Department, Benefits Specialists, Payroll Specialists, Human Resource and Relocation Professionals as well as line managers and employees. International employee relocations is not a side business; it is our fundamental focus.

Once worldwide movement of employees was something found only among the global corporate giants and was handled only by the Big Five Accounting Firms. With the international climate condensing as it is, many companies find it necessary to address these issues as they expand into the global marketplace.

Let us show you how we can take you and your employees to where you need to be to compete in the international arena with a pricing structure and service philosophy that best meets your needs.

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