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Our consultants are experienced in providing assistance to Relocation and Human Resource Specialists in many areas relating to worldwide employee movement:

  • Assignment Structuring:
    When is it a "business trip" and when is it an "assignment"? Let us show you how to use the Federal income tax laws and Tax Treaties to structure worldwide movement at the lowest cost to both the Company and the Employee.

  • Social Security and Totalization Agreement Planning:
    Have us set the Company up to take advantage of the many Totalization Agreements the U.S. has in place currently to both save costs and protect the employees' investment in Social Security.

  • Tax Equalization Analysis and Computation:
    There are many new methods available to "equalize" internationally mobile employees which are not only better suited but less costly to the Company when compared to traditional "equalization."

  • Tax Gross-Up Calculations:
    We can customize your gross-up calculations so you are not putting more cash than is necessary into your employees' payroll taxes.

  • Payroll Reporting and Tracking; W2 Analysis:
    Our payroll reporting and tracking methods make year end reporting of wages much easier as well as more accurate.

  • Corporate Cross-Charging of Assignment Costs:
    We can point out where cash can be saved and cross-charging made more accurate and reflective of where the expenses belong.

  • International Relocation Policy Drafting or Review:
    Have us draft a customized policy for you or update your existing policy to incorporate recent changes in the law.

  • Advising on Appropriate Work Visa to Obtain:
    Find out which options are best-suited for a specific business need before the project or assignment begins.

  • Coordination of Retirement Benefits and Accruals for Employees with Worldwide Movement:
    Most corporate policies don't even address the impact of worldwide movement on a retirement account. Let us help you and your employees maximize investments in retirement accounts while still meeting the international demands of the job.

We are experienced in working with all department specialists within the Company to ensure that the accounting is accurate and the costs are minimized for both the Company and the Employee, whether the movement is an "assignment" or a "relocation."

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