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Global Advisory Network, Inc. specializes in the compliance needs of individuals and companies with worldwide employee movement.

We offer a range of services: Tax Return Preparation for outbound Expatriate Employees, inbound Foreign National Employees or Domestically Relocated Employees.

The year of an international relocation or assignment is highly complex from a tax standpoint. It can also be quite costly unless all of the elections, exclusions and credits available under the law are utilized to their potential.

GAN is able to review your facts for the calendar year and advise you on which type of return you are required to file and which filing position provides you with the least amount of tax overall.

Our fees for Expatriate outbound or Foreign National inbound, relocation-year tax returns are based upon the level of complexity of the return and range from $1,000 to $2,500. The fee depends upon many factors, such as whether there is foreign source income, income from investment activity, working spouse, itemization of deductions and available credits.

Our fees for Domestic Only returns range similarly, based upon complexity, between $350 and $500.

We have an Electronic Organizer package which can be sent to you and returned to us along with copies of the relevant documents, from which we prepare the returns.

We are able to process your returns and have them sent to you via email, so all you need to do is print them out and follow the instructions for mailing. We also are able to send hard copies of returns anywhere in the world ready for filing here in the U.S.

Through our network of international service providers, we are will assist you with the filing of returns in countries throughout the world.

In connection with the filing of returns, we offer many valuable consulting services for individual clients, as described on our Consulting Services page. We address such areas as taxation of stock and option activity, tax benefits to purchasing residential real estate, how to estimate upcoming taxes due and have them covered through your wage withholding, and retirement planning among many other topics. Please scan through that page to learn about the many areas we can help you to invest and plan within the Federal and State tax systems.

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